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small carpet cleaners



Good Late Evening Flickr Friends.
All I can say is “Finally”
My day started well before daylight this morning getting things moved in the house so the carpet cleaners could come this afternoon.
The day was set be be a beauty so as soon as I was done off moose hunting toots and I went. The first place I stopped to look this guy came out of the brush about 20 yards from the truck. My kinda moose. :) Shot him a bit where he came out. He turned back into the brush and the race was on. Trying to stay on the right side of the light was a bit challenging. Im sure he was cow hunting so he was moving right along. 90% of the time I was just seeing his butt. Very Brushy. I went down through a small low spot and when I got back up where I could see I couldn't see him. Now how the heck does a 1000 pound animal disappear. Watched, listened and nothing. Must have stood there 10 minutes and nothing and then I hear a slight noise very close. I listen even more intensely. Damned if I can't hear him chewing his cud. Thats to close to a ruttie bull for me. So I backed out and circled around so I could see where I thought the sound came from. Sure enough the dumpy bugger had laid down. Shot him a bit. In that he had just laid down the chance he was gonna get up for a couple hours were low. Yes after all the frustrating trips I have had this year I walked away from a cooperative moose. Call me Crazy. I was.
Any way off to my second spot. Its about a 2 mile hike round trip. Its a rutting area. I have found many bulls in there over the years. Not today. Took a little short diversion to another tiny wet spot. Nothing. Got about 300 yards from the truck and I see just the tips of a bull rack in the grass and brush about 30 yards off the trail. Did a 360 sneak around and found one little spot where I could see him. Shot him a bit but so much junk between us. BTY he was a very healthy bull. Once again I walked away from a cooperative bull.
To be honest I was very hungry as I had skipped eating this morning and I needed a cup of coffee. So Off I went to get a bite to eat. I was gone about 40 minutes and last bull had moved. Damn I should have waited him out. Listen, listen, listen. Ah I hear a rack int the brush. Off I go and about 75 yards later I can see him in the brush feeding. I mean in the brush. Again I do a 360. Once again one little spot to shoot through. As Im standing there trying to shoot the bull a cow and calf pass within 20 yards of me in the brush. They weren't feeding just on the move. When they passed the bull he moved out after them. I couldn't keep up down through the brush so I lost them.
Back to the truck to finish my cold coffee and off to my 3rd spot. It to is right at a 2 mile round trip. I get in about a ? mile and a forked horn bull crosses 40-50 yards ahead of me. I hustle up the trail and get a bit more shooting. He to was moving out.
On out the trail and near the turn around a medium size bull is off the trail to my right. His right side is broken off except for his brow tines. Got to where I could shoot him and I see another medium bull beyond the first and going away. Ok time for another big 360. This was a big 360 down through the brush. Nothing Nothing Ops what was that sound? Oh My moose body's everywhere in the brush. Oh my there is a huge bull. Turns out there were 3 bulls, 2 cows and a calf. The 2 medium bulls were the one I had seen 30 minutes or so before. As they were moving around each of them became shootable at one time or another. After being with them an hour or so the all began to lay down. It was 4 by then and I had an hour drive home so once again I walked away from cooperative moose.
Got home. Re arranged the furniture took RA to dinner and finally back home to see what I got. Some good, Some Crap like always.
So 6 bulls and 6 cows and calves today.

Lovely Georgetown home

Lovely Georgetown home

It's been a roller coaster of a week. We've done some amazing things, and had a blast -- but we've had a lot of rotten [read: expensive] things happen, too. Sunday morning, we realized our air-conditioner was flooding our basement. (Well, actually the pipes from the a/c to the sump pump were clogged, causing the flood.) So, we had to rip apart our library/exercise room/sewing room/air-hockey room [it's a small room that serves many functions!] so a carpet restoration company could come in and remove the carpet padding, and dry the concrete and carpet, as well as replace all the above; one of our kittens pulled our drapes off the wall, including the bracket, so we decided it was a good time to send them all to the cleaners; our van needed it's 90K service, as well as a new side mirror, since I was off a hair backing into my garage, a new headlight and wiper arm assembly (ugh); and today, upon picking up Brian at work after we left the Zoo, our tire got punctured. Luckily, it happened at Georgetown, where the nice facilities services folks came out and changed it for us. And even better yet, we got to sit across the street from this lovely home.

small carpet cleaners

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