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12 X 9 Rug

12 x 9 rug

12 x 9 rug - Capel Gate

Capel Gate

Capel Gate

Today, 80 years after stitching that first rug, Capel Rugs has become America's largest manufacturer and importer of area rugs. Capel's Woven-Flat woven Collection embodies an incredible diversity of handmade and machine-woven rugs made in America, Europe and the Far East. Thanks to modern technology, many of the classic oriental rug designs are being preserved in beautiful machine woven reproductions from Europe. Capel's Hand Hooked Collection features an exciting array of designs. Hand knotted rugs from India and China display a devotion to quality, earning Capel its outstanding reputation as a source for only the finest area rugs.

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12th Royal Lancers Pistol Team in Cairo, Egypt with the Duke of Connaught's Cup 1930s

12th Royal Lancers Pistol Team in Cairo, Egypt with the Duke of Connaught's Cup 1930s

Quite some time after I acquired the 1929 photograph of the 12th Royal Lancers in India with the Duke of Connaught's Cup, the collector from whom I had purchased the original photo offered this one for sale. Of course I snapped it up!

This photograph, which is somewhat larger than the 1929 photograph, measures 11" x 7 3/8" and bears the photographer's signature (K. Bolam Cairo) in the lower left corner.

I asked the seller about the similarities of the buildings in the two photographs and if it were possible that the 1929 unsigned photograph was also taken in Egypt, but he said he thought it was taken in India.

In this photograph, instead of being placed unceremoniously on the ground, the Duke of Connaught's Cup is resting on a table covered with a fringed cloth. A small oriental rug has been placed on the ground in front of the table. Additionally, the six individual awards won by the members of the pistol team are arranged in front of the cup on the table. These awards do not appear in the 1929 photo.

What one immediately notices when comparing the two photographs is that the number of soldiers in this picture is now only 6, while 7 appear in the 1929 photo.

Some soldiers are the same, but others are conspicuous by their absence. Two of the officers seated in front have disappeared. The only one who remains is the lieutenant who originally sat at the far right in 1929. He now sits on the left of the cup. He has the same ribbon bar, but now he sports a wrist watch on his left wrist. Wearing a Sam Browne belt, he also carries a swagger stick.

A new man appears seated to the right of the cup - a handsome, tanned, steely-eyed sergeant.

Another new man makes his appearance on the extreme left of the back row of standing troopers - a very confident-looking, young lance corporal, as can be seen by his chevrons.

The second trooper from the left, also a lance corporal, is exactly the same as in the 1929 photo, and he occupies the same position. This time, however, his long service stripe is not visible as his arms are now behind his back.

The third trooper from the left used to be the first trooper on the left in the 1929 picture, but he now has moved over to the right two spaces. His two long service stripes and metal Gunner First Class proficiency badge (a G half-encircled by a wreath) are just barely visible on the sleeve of his left arm.

The fourth standing trooper on the extreme right is the same soldier as the one in the 1929 photo, and he occupies the same position. His metal farrier's trade badge is either not visible or it has disappeared for some reason.

One last difference that is noticeable in this photograph - this time the Webley service revolvers of the troopers are holstered. In the 1929 photo, they rest on the arms of the soldiers.


FABULOUS NEWS ! ! ! The son of a gentleman who was a member of the 12th Royal Lancers and who knew some of the soldiers in the above picture has been in contact and left the information below on the 1929 photograph. This former lancer is still living, and with permission, I will post any information that subsequently becomes available.


History of the 12th Royal Lancers

The 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) was a cavalry regiment of the British Army. The regiment of dragoons that was to become the 12th Royal Lancers was raised by Brigadier-General Phineas Bowles in 1715 against the threat of the Jacobite Rebellion. In 1718, the regiment was posted to Ireland, where it remained for seventy-five years.

In 1768, King George III bestowed the title of "The 12th Prince of Wales's Regiment of Light Dragoons," and the regiment was given the badge of the three ostrich feathers and the motto "Ich Dien". (The Prince of Wales's feathers is the heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales. It consists of three white feathers emerging from a gold coronet. A ribbon below the coronet bears the motto "Ich dien," which is German for "I serve," a contraction of ich diene).

In 1816, the 12th Light Dragoons were armed with lances after the cavalry of Napoleon's Army had shown their effectiveness. The British Army removed the lance from its weaponry in 1903, but an influential lobby secured its re-instatement in 1909.

Throughout WWI, the 12th Lancers served on the Western Front. In the mobile opening months of the war, cavalry played a vital role. On August 29, 1914, C Squadron of the 12th Lancers made a successful charge against a dismounted squadron of Prussian Dragoons. Thereafter, the 12th Royal Lancers celebrated Mons/Moy Day annually, which commemorated the last occasion on which the regiment charged with lances. In all, 166 officers and men of 12th Lancers died in World War I.

In 1928, the 12th Lancers gave up their horses and were equipped with armoured cars.

The 12th Royal Lancers (

Fwd: Selling 9' x 12' Rug - Crate & Barrel Asimi

Fwd: Selling 9' x 12' Rug - Crate & Barrel Asimi

Hi Peeps,

Do you have a large space and want a beautiful 9' x 12' rug? Eclectic
loft dweller or have a great room? I bought a Crate & Barrel Asimi
Brown Rug, but only used it for a short time because it didn't work
great with my furniture. It was about $1K when got it. If you like,
make me an offer and pick it up, or if you are good friends Weston
(and I) can deliver to LA area :)

It's in impeccable condition!

Pass it on if you know someone who might like it.


12 x 9 rug

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